If you have somehow stumbled upon this page, stick around! I have been fascinated by dictators and totalitarian systems for most of my adult life, probably to the point where it is unhealthy. If you are able to read this, you are either living in a country with a certain amount of freedom, or you are extremely technologically savvy (or this site is too obscure for your online censors to care). Either way, thank you for spending some time here.

A lot of folks don’t give any thought to the society they were born into This is sad to me. I believe in many ways, that liberty wherever it sprouts up is a sort of anomaly. Unfortunately, for most of recorded human history, few of our ancestors had any say in even the most basic questions about how to live. In Europe, dictators and totalitarianism were a reality of life for most of the 20th century. In much of Asia, Africa, and South America, freedom is a curiosity right now, and only exists where the state is too weak or incompetent to enforce their will. Most people in the West do not lose sleep over the freedoms they have that are slipping away. In fact, a majority are hostile to it when it is does not line up with their narrow definition.

This is not a new development. Liberty always exists on the edge of knife. It is like indoor plumbing. Something that is easy to take for granted when you have it. When you don’t, well…

No one knows how many died in the last century alone from misguided social policies, central planning, genocide, and general folly at the top. The number is far higher than we realize. If we do not take time to remember this, then all victims will have died for no reason. Certain folks in power are trying to rehabilitate these monsters for either personal gain, access to foreign markets, or just departmental inertia. It is sad to me that many of the biggest foes of freedom are often academics, HR members, “journalists” and those who have gained the most from it. By learning the truth, you can bring your knowledge into the debate.

We are rapidly approaching an age, where facial recognition, social credit scores, data collection, and video editing, will make being a dictator easier than ever before. While freedom is sometimes a hard word to define, tyranny is quite easy to spot. Please listen and enjoy my episodes, and keep this in mind.

My first series is on Mao. I hope to do more after.

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