Drawn by Mike Mo https://instagram.com/pineapplemikel/

Episode 1: A First Look at the Monster

This episode is a rough overview of Mao Zedong. It is by no means comprehensive, but I want you all to get a quick look at his goals and what his vision for China entailed. Grand visions are usually costly, and rarely peaceful.

Episode 2: The Boy of Stone

This episode covers the birth of Mao, and his early life. We can see even in his childhood the traits that would mark his style of rule, and his relationships with others. During this time, China was also entering the modern World, a change that would have enormous consequences for Mao’s future.

Episode 3: A Tale of Two Parties

China was in shambles at the time of Mao’s political awakening. The Nationalists and the Communists formed an unlikely alliance, which benefitted him immensely. We will discuss Mao’s earliest encounters with both the Nationalists and the Communists, and some of the other influential Chinese politicians up to 1926. Mao saw some bloodshed during this period, and it put ideas in his head.

Episode 4: Mountain Lords and AB Hordes

Chiang has set the ball rolling, and Mao decides to throw his lot in with the Communists. He also discovers the benefits to using deception to steal armies and how to become a Warlord. This episode also discusses Mao’s first political purge, an unbelievably brutal one.

Episode 5: Ruijin

Mao and his communist buddies finally establish a base in Jiangxi with the capital at Ruijin. They help the locals declutter their lives by seizing all their possessions and enslaving them. Japan invades Manchuria around this time, and the Young Marshall bravely flees. Chiang’s noose begins to tighten around the neck of Jiangxi.

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